Frequently Asked Questions

Why do horses need grain?

Some horses may never require grain. However, it is my experience that when we domesticate horses they do better when supplemented with grain. Grains offers horses a nutrient option that is not readily available in domestication. If horses were roaming free they would be searching and attaining the different minerals they needed. In domestication they eat the same hay, graze the same pasture over and over and over. Grain is a way to make up for this downfall of domestication.

How Long does Green Horse Stay Fresh?

Green Horse is made locally in small batches, by hand. You can expect peak freshness for 3-6 months from the time it is mixed and bagged. This depends on how you store it. Green Horse stays fresh for a long period due to the lack of moisture, additives, and sugars.

Why are there no minerals in the mix?

Most minerals ADDED to a processed grain are synthetic. We are all about upgrading health here. My goal is to allow horses to become more instinctual and get back to their roots of a roaming and grazing gut. This is why I offer free choice minerals to compliment this grain. Beyond that I look at each horse as an individual, if they need something additional we add it in from there.

When a processed grain gives the horse the same vitamins and minerals day in and day out for X amount of time, the digestive system suffers. Having variety in the diet test and builds the digestive function and therefore builds a strong immune system. I find it endlessly fascinating to watch the horses change there intake of free choice minerals. Changes in intake occur from stress,  training, weather changes, seasonal changes, etc.

Can my elderly horse eat Green Horse?

Yes! Many elderly horses do well. The fact is that horses teeth do expire, which makes it impossible for horses to chew the grains well. If you are witnessing a large number of grains in the manure, you may need to consider different options.

Can horses with metabolic disorders eat Green Horse?

Yes, many horses with metabolic troubles actually thrive on Green Horse. The simple reason is that it is real food and the gut understands how to process it.

How do I transition my horses to Green Horse?

This is a personal choice. I personally switch horses from one grain to  the next. Many horses will refuse to each the ‘old’ grain and go straight for the new grain.

Will I see grain in the manure?

It is possible, tho not common. Reasons you may see grains in the manure: 1. Elderly horses 2. A need for the teeth to have attention. 3. Horse not chewing, or eating too fast. 

Is this program right for my horse?

Only you can decide that! This is your opportunity to be an advocate for your horse. Experiment, ask questions, and most importantly make clear observations about what your horse’s health is telling you.  If you’re looking for a natural feeding program, start here. It’s not a quick fix. In many cases, you can see changes in your horse’s coat within two weeks, other times it can take months. Again, the answer here depends on your horse as an individual. 

This approach is a baseline. Every horse is an individual and may have additional supplements that I design based on their needs. They may need more fats, an immune booster, or digestive groomer, etc. You can contact me to design a program that is right for your horse. 


Nutrition Info

Crude Protein …….. 14.7%

Crude Fat ……… 15.0%

Crude Fiber …….. 11.2%

Methionine ……… 0.37%

Threonine ……… 0.49%

Selenium ….. 0.67ppm

Lysine ….. 0.61%

Calcium ….. 0.14%

Phosphorus …… 0.68%

Copper ….. 15ppm

Zinc ….. 73ppm

NSC …….. 33.8%

Biotin …… 724.2 mg/lb

Vitamin A …. <1000 IU/lb

Vitamin D …. <5000 IU/lb

Vitamin E ….. 36.4 IU/lb

Iron …..  119ppm

Potassium …. 0.75%

Digestable Fatty Acids: 13%