A Natural Approach to Feeding Horses

Green Horse is a nourishing, real-food horse feed developed by 3-Star Parelli Instructor and Nutrition Expert, Mollie Vacco

Nutrient Dense, Naturally

Green Horse is a blend of WHOLE grains. Feeds that have been overly processed or heated, such as pelleted or extruded feeds, destroy the food enzymes that help horses naturally and successfully digest their food. Green Horse is nutrient dense, naturally. For this reason, there are no added synthetic minerals or vitamins.

What’s In It?

Whole Oats

Whole Barley

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Wheat Bran

and Flax Seed Oil

Green Horse has NO


Green Horse Feed is Soy Free


Green Horse Feed is Sugar Free


Green Horse Feed has no preservatives


Green Horse Feed does not contain fillers

A Natural Feeding Philosophy

Green Horse is a Foundational Feed. Feed in combination with free choice minerals, access to forage, in a healthy environment with plenty of opportunity for movement, and watch your horse bloom!

Access To Forage

Both hays and grasses. Horses need the ability to graze as often as possible. And if they can’t graze outside or in a pasture, offering an appropriate forage that replicates the natural grazing process. There are several options on the market for grazers. I personally use the porte-grazer when my horses can’t be in the pasture


If possible plenty of turnout. 100% would be ideal, but most facilities are not set up in this way. You have to decide based on your personal environment and space how you split turnout and stabling.

Free Choice Minerals

I love feeding Kelp and Sea Salt free choice. It is fascinating to watch horses self-regulate their mineral needs throughout the year.  Horses are incredibly intuitive and when allowed the chance, they eat according to their nutritional needs.


Excellent feed! My horse doesn’t get the sugar high from sweet feed anymore. This year she has more energy, looks healthier, and she loves it! Cheryl C

The first day we started feeding it I noticed that change right away. Their coats are also amazing along with their health. We also use free choice kelp and salt which have worked great. They get what they need when they need it. Joellen S

Seriously the best feed I have found and my horses do great on it…best of all…it’s 100% natural! Samantha Y