About Green Horse

Green Horse was developed by 3-Star Parelli Instructor and Nutrition Expert, Mollie Vacco.

Getting Back to Nature

Mollie saw a need for horses to get back to natural nutrition, with real, whole food that naturally contains the nutrients they crave. Horses are incredibly intuitive, and will naturally seek out the foods their bodies need. Green Horse is a foundational feed. It provides a base of nutrition, and when combined with access to forage, plenty of free movement, and free choice minerals, it helps horses to find their natural bloom.

Green Horse is appropriate for horses of all ages and walks of life. Any horse, from the family pony to the high-performance athlete can benefit from a strong foundation of real, natural nutrition. From there, it’s easy to customize a feeding program based on the individual needs of horses.

100% Real Food For Horses

No Fillers. No Preservatives. No Sugars. No Soy.

Foundational Feed


Whole Oats, Whole Barley, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Wheat Bran and Flax Seed Oil.

Feeding Instructions

Many horses are successfully transitioned from their current grain onto Green Horse without a transition period. You may choose to gradually change your horse’s diet if you prefer. Some horses may bulk at the previously offered grain and prefer Green Horse immediately.

Quantity: Start out feeding 1/2 the amount of your previous feed. Give that about two weeks and observe your horses condition. You may want to adjust up or down from there.

If you’re looking for a starting point, start with 1.5quarts of dry Green Horse per day and dampen thoroughly before feeding. You can feed once per day or split that quantity over two feedings depending on your feeding system.

Always offer ample fresh water and access to real mineral sources like Kelp and Sea Salt.

Nutrition Information

 Crude Protein …….. 14.7%

Crude Fat ……… 15.0%

Crude Fiber …….. 11.2%

Methionine ……… 0.37%

Threonine ……… 0.49%

Selenium ….. 0.67ppm

Lysine ….. 0.61%

Calcium ….. 0.14%

Phosphorus …… 0.68%

Copper ….. 15ppm

Zinc ….. 73ppm

NSC …….. 33.8%

Biotin …… 724.2 mg/lb

Vitamin A …. <1000 IU/lb

Vitamin D …. <5000 IU/lb

Vitamin E ….. 36.4 IU/lb

Iron …..  119ppm

Potassium …. 0.75%

Digestable Fatty Acids: 13%

Free Choice Minerals


Kelp is a wonderful supplement with almost too many benefits to list. Kelp contains 46 minerals, 16 amino acids, and 11 vitamins. It is also a source of iodine, which is so vital to health. This can be fed in small amounts daily with your horse’s grain ration or free choice, depending on your horses’ individual needs.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is Nature’s electrolyte. It aids in digestion and stabilizes body functions and fluids. It is natural, unrefined salt that contains over 80 essential minerals. Offer sea salt free choice near a water source. Horses are incredibly intuitive and when allowed the chance, they eat according to their nutritional needs.